First Data Merchant Service - Unauthorized chargers

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First Data Merchant Service - Unauthorized chargers

Post by Admin on Mon May 09, 2016 6:44 pm

First data continued to remove money from my account after my contract terminated and they refuse to refund the money.The contract was for 24 months and they allege it was a 4 year agreement.

I have made numerous attempts to recover the money through my bank but First Data denied to return the money. The bank stated that even though the contract had expired, I had given First Data my account information and even though they were not authorized to remove money from my account, it is not considered fraud. I have provided the appropriate documentation that state my agreement was for 24 months but they refuse to honor it.

My only recourse at this time is to take First Data to small claims court.During the term that these unauthorized charges were made, First Data provided no services for me what so ever.


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